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Honouring Diversity and Inclusion

At LiveTiles we’re all about employee experience – and for our company and our people, that means always supporting and honouring diversity and inclusivity.
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To celebrate Pride Month this June, we are sharing our top three tips on how to support diversity and inclusion in your internal communications.  



1. Employee-led conversations


At LiveTiles, we always support the “whole person”. That means we recognize that our staff are human! When life-changing things happen outside the workplace, it’s impossible (and unreasonable) to expect employees to keep their emotions totally separate from their work life.


To support your people, encourage employees to talk about their feelings, concerns, or conflicts in a judgment-free zone where they can rely on the support of their coworkers and managers.


If someone seems to be struggling, reach out. Offer a coffee catch-up in the café down the street, go into a meeting room to talk, or send a message via your intranet or employee communications app asking if they’re OK. Some people may be more comfortable sharing via a private chat online, others might prefer face-to-face. If you’re not sure, just ask. 



2. Share diverse and inclusive stories


One of the best ways to promote inclusion is to build connections with people who represent various diverse groups. Invite your people to tell their stories. Ask them questions about their childhood, the hurdles they may have overcome, what they love about their heritage or history, and the things they wish other people understood.  


At LiveTiles, we hold global meetings where employees from different countries are invited to share their homeland’s customs and conventions with the company. As well as being fascinating and enjoyable, these kinds of get-togethers help us all to get to know more about our colleagues and celebrate everyone’s individual cultural backgrounds.  


Above all, keep connecting with your people, ask their opinions, and let them drive the conversations around sharing their diverse and inclusive stories.  



3. Consistently share and start Diversity and Inclusion initiatives 


Actively share information, recognize days of significance across the D&I community, clearly share support and resources, and consistently share updates on what the organization is doing to drive the D&I strategy and agenda. Invite your people to share their own ideas for new initiatives and encourage staff to suggest updates or improvements to existing resources. Create a devoted channel on your Microsoft Teams or intranet where everyone can contribute their thoughts.  



Happy Pride Month  

It’s in our company DNA to respect each member of the LiveTiles family. Our company values include “We are decent human beings” and we believe it’s impossible to operate without this core belief. 


We will always have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. 


We support Pride Month this June, and equality and diversity every day of the year. 

In today’s work environment, rapid change is a constant reality.
In today’s work environment, rapid change is a constant reality.

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