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The Global Employee 
Experience Pulse Check 2021

Seven countries, seven thousand employees, provocative results. The first global EX report reveals the massive generational and technological gaps in today’s modern workplace.
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Employee Experience Pulse Check

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From the knowledge worker to the people on the factory floor, get a fresh perspective on connecting uninspired employees, and find ways of reaching out to revive the faltering pulse of a culture-driven organization.

What’s inside?

This global edition takes a deeper look into what today’s workforce is experiencing, poses difficult questions HR pros and CEOs would love to ask, and:

  • Actionable survey results from heavily affected industries (healthcare, retail, hospitality).
  • Rich, granular data from brands with varying workforce numbers.
  • Open-ended questions and anonymized responses.
  • A deeper look: Does employee experience drive business outcomes?
  • And recommended steps plus resources for better employee experiences.

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In today’s work environment, rapid change is a constant reality.
In today’s work environment, rapid change is a constant reality.

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In 2018, Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at London Business School, estimated that talents today would only want to work for purpose-driven firms.
The employee communication app is the new employee newsletter, on steroids. Gone are the days when employees have to check their email inbox to learn about the new developments in the company. These days, employees expect an app to deliver relevant news and do much more.
The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled companies to reimagine the future of work.

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