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JAN 01, 2022

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In today’s work environment, rapid change is a constant reality.
In today’s work environment, rapid change is a constant reality.
In 2018, Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at London Business School, estimated that talents today would only want to work for purpose-driven firms.
The employee communication app is the new employee newsletter, on steroids. Gone are the days when employees have to check their email inbox to learn about the new developments in the company. These days, employees expect an app to deliver relevant news and do much more.
The COVID-19 pandemic brought about drastic changes in the workplace, redefining the employee experience. Most employers and employees were forced to quickly adapt with remote working technologies and maintain a dynamic culture. This meant more time at home with family but boundaries between home and work life are crossed, causing employee burnout.
In the 2010s, a digital employee experience was nice-to-have. By the time the new decade came in, it became a must-have. This has become more apparent as we end 2021, after nearly two years of an accelerated shift into the digital workplace.




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The gap between companies that have an average 4.0 vs a 4.5 out of 5 rating from online reviews astronomical. Your odds of getting a 5-star experience can be...

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“When prospects have been referred to me, they have such an amazing image of my business that I... am humbled. This is the real power of testimonials.”

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In this series, we focus on industries most affected by frontline work, including, construction, retail, and healthcare, and the specific challenges they face. We’ll explore which employees are impacted most, and how companies are planning for the future of work.
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